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Frequently Asked Agility Questions

What is dog agility?

Dog agility is a competitive sport in which a handler directs his dog over a timed obstacle course, with scoring based on faults as in equestrian jumping events. Because of its fast pace and simple, objective scoring system, dog agility has become an exciting spectator sport.

What obstacles are used in dog agility?

The approved obstacles for dog agility are the A-frame, weave poles, table, pause box, see-saw or teeter, dog walk, cross-over, pipe tunnel, collapsed tunnel, and assorted jumps and hurdles (including the broad jump, tire jump, high jump, bar jump, double bar jump, and spread jump).

How high will my dog have to jump?

The USDAA has adopted two competitive classes, each with two jump heights to permit dogs of all sizes to participate. In the large dog class, dogs measuring more than 21'' at the withers would be required to jump 26'', while those measuring 21'' or less would be required to jump 22''. In the small dog class, dogs 16'' or less but more than 12'' would jump 16'' while all dogs measuring 12'' or less would jump 12''. Also, there is a program defined as "Performance," wherein the dog can jump one height lower. Jump heights are reduced to 8", 12", 16" and 22", as compared to heights of 12", 16", 22" and 26" in the Championship Program.

Can mixed-bred dogs participate in dog agility?

Yes. It is frequently said that dog agility is a sport for all dogs, in that the sport permits both purebred and mixed-bred dogs to compete. One should be aware however, that not all breeds are well suited for the sport because of physical build.

What is USDAA's philosophy on dog agility?

USDAA promotes dog agility as a sport in its own right as it offers enthusiasts a variety of competitive classes, such as gamblers, pairs relay, team, snooker, pairs and others. USDAA values the sport as a family sport, attracting men, women, children and the family pet.

Are titles awarded in dog agility?

Yes. The USDAA recognizes a dog's agility level on four levels through its structured classes for competition and performance. USDAA awards the Agility Dog title to the dog performing three clear rounds under the sports minimum standards. The Advanced Agility Dog, Masters Agility Dog, Performance Agility Dog, and the Agility Champion Dog are all titles each handler strives to achieve.

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