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Classes & Training

All of our classes are taught by volunteer instructors.

Classes begin in September for all levels, and continue through the Winter and Spring months. (We take a break during the hot summer months.) Our sessions are back to back. Due to rain-outs and holidays, our start times for new sessions will vary. Please review our calendar below to determine the next start date for each of our levels. Our classes are limited to 10 students.
Please email our our Training Director if you need additional information.

AGGRESSION POLICY *Please take note, this is very important.

If you have a reason to believe that your dog is aggressive, do not sign up for our classes.


During all of our training classes, for the safety of the dogs and the handlers, please observe the following guidelines.

  • Handlers are responsible for their dogs at all times; before, during and after training classes.
  • For all training levels, crates must be brought and used at every class, either in the training area, or in a vehicle nearby.
  • Please plan on using snap style buckle collars or martingales if you plan on leaving a collar on during runs. Dogs will be encouraged to practice “running naked”.
  • For safety reasons, harnesses will not be allowed on the dogs during their runs.
  • Absolutely no choke, pinch or shock collars allowed on the training grounds.
  • No dogs will be allowed to remain on a leash in a down-stay without the handler at the end of that leash.
  • Leashes should not be tied to the fencing of the training area or to the benches.
  • Spectators are encouraged to watch but not to provide input to the students during training class. Spectators are encouraged to remain outside the fence of the training area.


Level 1 is a ten-week class, which introduces the sport of dog agility to the student and the dog. The training focus for initial agility exposure is on essential foundation skills necessary to form a good dog/handler team. Basic fpundation skills must be achieved and a test passed before moving to higher levels of training. Level 1 is held on Thursday nights.

NOTE: Level 1 Requires a predetermined set of skills, an evaluation night will be held for candidates for Level 1 classes. For a list of those requirements, and detailed information, please email our Director of Training at the link below under "Ready to enroll".

**Level 1 Training wait-list is full for this fall, please check back next season.**

Level 2 is a ten-week class, which combines the skills learned in Level 1 with teamwork and competency on the agility equipment. A test will also need to be passed before moving on to higher levels of training. Level 2 is held on Thursday nights.

Level 3 & 4 are six-week courses and are the more advanced of our classes. Curriculum will change based on the needs of each dog/handler team. Levels 3 and 4 are held on Tuesday nights.


Classes are held at Lake Island Recreation Center in Winter Park (450 Harper Street, Winter Park, Florida 32789). This facility is near the corner of Fairbanks and 17-92, directly behind the Burger King, and adjacent to the baseball fields. It is a very nice facility with a large fenced in area and plenty of lights.


  • $200       Non-Member, Level 1
  • $100       Member, Level 1 
  • $175       Non-Member, Consecutive Repeat (Same Dog) Level 1
  • $100       Member, Consecutive Repeat (Same Dog) Level 1
  • $200       Non-Member, Level 2
  • $100       Member, Level 2 
  • $175       Non-Member, Consecutive Repeat (Same Dog) Level 2
  • $100       Member, Consecutive Repeat (Same Dog) Level 2
  • $80        Non-Member, Level 3 or 4
  • $40        Member, Level 3 or 4


Ready to Enroll? Follow these steps.

  1. Email our Training Director your name, your dog's name, age and breed. Also indicate which level you are interested in.
  2. Download the enrollment form (click here for the enrollment form), fill it out and bring it on the first day of class.
  3. Show up the first night of class with a copy of your shot records and your method of payment.

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